Sep 6, 2018

Don’t get lost in the shuffle

: this is one card set, you need in your work life

By Anthony Boobier

Anthony Bobbier is an Agile Practices Manager at BNZ and also co-runs Nomad 8 –  a company specialising in agile consultancy. Here, Ant gives us one of the useful tools he uses in his everyday at BNZ when working through the core principles of an agile framework.


Understanding ‘why’ you do agile is important, and the agile manifesto is one of the first things we cover on any Agile Professional Foundation course. I have, however, found the wordiness of some of the principles a little daunting and let’s face it the website does look a bit like my Nan’s wallpaper! I therefore created these Agile Principles cards.


I haven’t changed any of the core principles. Instead, I have  abbreviated some of them on the front of the card.

Here are some examples of where I have found these cards useful –

  1. Training: Give each participant a card, then in pair-share, have them discuss what that principle means to them, how they currently support/ inhibit it
  2. Retrospective: Dot vote as a team on the principle that the team feel they are least exhibiting, then do a deep dive to come up with actions
  3. Wallpaper: Pop them on your office wall, to cover up your own ‘Nan’s wallpaper’!
If you’d like your own set, download the pdf here, print them out, cut them out, laminate them, enjoy!
Anthony Boobier

Anthony Boobier
Ant has been doing Agile for more years than he cares to remember; RAD in the 90s, XP in the 2000s and a magic mix of Lean UX, Design Thinking and Agile today. He is a people geek who loves a good experiment.

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