Apr 24, 2017

Experiencing a day in a bank

A behind the scenes view of life at BNZ

By Kimberly Scott

We regularly invite people who are passionate about learning how and what goes on in our Digital team. We were lucky to have the help from Kim who came in and assisted with a photoshoot for an internal staff program.

My name is Kim, and I have recently completed university at the College of Creative Arts, at Massey, Wellington. I studied a bachelor of design majoring in visual communication design and am to graduate in May with first class honours (yay!). My aim is to make it into the advertising industry where I can use my skills and interests to work collaboratively with others alike. I’m interested in all things visual, and as a millennial, digital is my every day.

After fortunately being put in contact with Claire, I was invited to assist and observe the BNZ digital shoot at the North West store in Auckland. With excitement and anticipation, I was met with warm smiles and encouraging direction from Claire, her team, and the store employees (a trait I heard they were positively known for). After introductions and an overview of the day plan, we were straight into filming. First were interaction photographs between Ashleigh and I, with other customers and throughout the store. We filmed and photographed Ashleigh and I using the digital equipment showcasing the digital  experience for employees to see, understand and learn from. We then filmed Ashleigh’s interview of her experience and opinion on the digital program launch.

It was truly an awesome experience to be able to put the things I learnt and talked about for four years of study, into practice and into the real world. I was able to draw on knowledge and build on it with experience, meaning I knew how to help in ways, and learnt how to help in others. I saw how each member of the team worked together to complete the tasks at hand, and how such a small yet intelligent team of young women were organised, skillful and charismatic when at ‘work’, making me forget this was a job, and reminding me that this is my area of interest. I was able to see how important adaptability and flexibility needs to be partnered with creativity when adapting plans and creating opportunities for good shots. I was lucky to not only be behind the scenes, but in front of the camera too, a new experience for sure! Apart from a few laughs, it was also great to see how the other side felt and worked. I not only gained valuable experience and had an enjoyable time, but gained a lot from meeting the team and hearing how passionate BNZ employees were.

Ashleigh was incredible to work with. Her drive and excitement for her role as a digital guru in BNZ was infectious and radiated out of her beautiful smile. She showed how important it is to have young, enthusiastic and tech savvy people in the team and leading the team to project BNZ into the future. She knew her role extremely well, was confident and comfortable, and allowed all customers in her sight to feel the same. She opened my eyes to how important digital is for the everyday, and how for people in other generations, simple day to day technology usage can change their banking experience, and just need a helping hand to get started. I saw how important it is to utilise digital and be ahead of the game in such a competitive and ever changing market. I studied a lot about experience design and saw clearly that the idea of changing the customers experience, assisting rather than taking over, and allowing customers to feel empowered and independent was one prominent and one to admire. Many people see digital as impersonal, yet the environment and experience I felt and saw in the digital guru shoot proved how accessible it can be, and how important it is.

I appreciate being part of the changing face of BNZ, and will take away a positive and eye opening experience into my budding career.★


Kimberly Scott

Kimberly Scott

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