Don’t get lost in the shuffle

: this is one card set, you need in your work life

By Anthony Boobier

Renaming Soft Skills:

thoughts from a Wellington software engineer

By Sam Jarman

Straight to the point on jargon

“Working agile.” Know what that actually means?

By Louisa Mcclure

A world of wild imagination

How one team took care of business with internet banking

By Penny Goodwin

Getting a Mountain View from Google

An insiders view of Google I/O

By Justin Dykes

The Interns

Four unique views about seizing an opportunity

By Penny Goodwin

Books of influence

Get ready to veer off to Google.

By Louisa Mcclure

A designer for a bank?

No thanks.

By Bryce Howard

Making sense of Agile at BNZ

From a Practice Delivery Manager’s perspective

By Stuart Collins

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